This is a place where I keep all my favourite recipes. All of them have been tried, tested and tweaked to my liking (aka “Abby Approved”). Some have been adapted from their original recipes and others are just the same with some of my own written notes from personal experience.

Being left to fend for myself through university (Go Gryphons!), I slowly taught myself how to cook through youtube videos and food blogs. Through trial and (lots of) errors, I’ve accumulated a collection of my favourite recipes throughout the years. I made this website as a way to keep track of all my favourite recipes in one place without having to search through a million different food websites and then trying to remember the changes I made last time or worse, finding out those websites have been shutdown and losing the recipe forever! This website is also an easy way for me to share my recipes with my friends and anyone else that stumbles across it.

This is my own little online recipe box. I can’t guarantee that your tastes will be the same as mine, but I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do.