Despite spending half of my childhood in Taiwan, I don’t cook many Asian dishes. I first started cooking when I was 19. I was self-taught and learned through food blogs, beginners books and miscellaneous recipes I found online. During this period my parents lived in Taiwan and I had no idea how to tackle Asian recipes on my own so I started with the basics of “western” dishes – with ingredients I could find in a “regular” grocery store. Although I love Asian food, the recipes always look so complicated so I haven’t given them much of a chance. Here is my extremely limited collection of Asian recipes. I hope to expand this collection in the near future, as I’d love to be able to make some of my favourite dishes.

May 2017: My supposed doppelgänger Anita baked me a cheesecake and spelled out HBD ABBY in strawberries! It was topped with photos of us and good times <3. The best cake I’ve ever received by far.

(TA) = Toby Approved