My name is Abby and I’m currently a vet student at the University of Melbourne. I grew up in both Taiwan and Canada, and I’m now studying in Australia. I love globe-trotting and finding inspiration wherever I go. You’ll find this website to be a mish-mash of recipes from different regions of the world. I enjoy all kinds of cuisine. I’ll pretty much try anything once unless it’s an organ (sorry mom & dad).

I started this website as a way to keep track of all my favourite recipes. Throughout the years I’ve accumulated numerous recipes from different food websites and created a few of my own. I find myself always needing to refer back to these recipes and having to remember my own tweaks. This website helps me keep them all in one place with my own added changes – Abby Approved changes. Although I made this site for myself, I hope anyone else that stumbles their way here enjoys the recipes.

I still consider myself a novice cook. If I can do it, you can too!