NYC Trips

NYC Recommendations:


  • Shake shack: burgers and things
  • Ippudo – ramen
  • Red Bamboo – vegan restaurant that is actually really good at making things look and taste like meat
  • Lombardi’s pizza – old school pizza resturant
  • Artichoke pizza – creamy pizza. SO good.
  • Rice to Riches – a rice pudding dessert shop
  • Melt shop – grilled cheese shop (they have a really good nutella milkshake)
  • Doughnut plant – lots of donuts
  • Turntable Chicken Jazz – really good korean fried chicken
  • Caracas arepa bar – really good arepas!
  • The Bean – cafe with my favourite dirty chai (chai latte with coffee)
  • No. 7 Sub – they have good subway sandwiches
  • The Halal Guys – a street cart that has amazing rice and meat
  • Raku – best udon noodles in NYC! The entrance isn’t very obvious so be careful not to walk past it!
  • Paulie Gee’s – amazing pizza place in Brooklyn. It’s usually very busy. We put our names down and waited for 1.5 hours. Filled the time by going to a bar around the corner called Cozumels? Their most popular and my all-time favourite was ‘Hellboy’ – which was essentially pepperoni with honey in the sauce. The Greenpointer was their second most popular (also pretty good, but not my favourite). The Ricky Ricotta was also great.

Places to go:

  • Walk the Brooklyn bridge
  • DON’T go up Empire State building. The lines are super long and its expensive. Go up 30 Rockefeller Centre instead. You get the same views as Empire, there’s fewer people and less expensive. You also get a few of the Empire State in your photos too!
  • Nintendo World Store – if you’re into Nintendo merchandise. It’s the only store in the world (that I know of).
  • Brooklyn Heights – a nice walk by the water with a view of Manhattan. I like to start midday and walk back when its night time so you get a night view as well
  • Metropolitan Museum – entry is FREE. They have “suggested” prices of like $20. But you don’t actually have to give them any money. If you feel guilty, give them $1 lol. Upstairs is where they have famous paintings like Van Gogh, Monet…etc. It’s huge and can take you all day if you’re into art museums.
  • Apple Store on 5th ave – its a giant glass cube. Take a look if you’re passing by. The actual store is boring. But they might be undergoing renovations so you might not see it.
  • Flat iron building – cool to see if you’re passing by
  • Chinatown/Little Italy/Tribeca – all clsoe to each other. Nice to stroll through and get some good italian food and shopping in Tribeca.
  • The Strand – a well known iconic bookstore that has been there forever and has cheap books. If you’re into books, this is the place to go. The Bean cafe is also across the street from it.
  • Times Square – cliche tourist thing to do. Lots of lights, super busy. Shopping.
  • Wall Street – a big business district. Not that exciting, but there’s a bull statue that every tourist takes a picture of. The Brooklyn bridge entrance is nearby somewhere there.
  • Central Park – its pretty big. Don’t get lost. Its like any other park. You can go just to say you’ve been there, lol.
  • NBC Studios shop – shopping for merchandise from a lot of my favourite TV shows.
  • Grand Central Station – Go in if your’e passing by. Its like all the scenes in movies.

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